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Dec 23, 2016

Check the quality to note: hair softness, generally hair fall is of poor quality, but print velboa will pour, not severe should be acceptable to General plush (including plush fabric, cut bumao), low weight, it is easy to fall vertically up quality checks to the attention. Shearing bumaochang difficult, hair short, fabric is thin, so also look, hair should be 2.5-3.5mm in General, normal 3.00mm, curl velboa can reach 5-10MM, higher relative weight, to indicate the style imitates the requirements when signing the contract, usually 3mm weight 450g/Y-480g/Y, special note. Shearing also hairy.

Nylon cloth

Ordinary nylon cloth (100%Polyster) and nylon spandex fabric (Nylon), and usually are used in ordinary type. Production, pieces of silk screen, embroidery easier pieces printing case be sure to grab the hair long hair cannot grow (usually less than 1mm), or have difficulty printing, color the permeability, easy to fade.

Nylon spandex fabric are rarely used, and only when specific product requirements strong adhesion. And set a minimum number, in Korea, and so only the specific product to consider.

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