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Plush Toys Need What?
Dec 23, 2016

Cotton: 7D, 6D, 15D, is divided into a, b, c, and we now are usually in the 7D/A level, 6D less. Cheap product or Fort is full of hard 15D/B product application-or c-level. 7D is smooth and elastic, 15D touch.

According to the fiber length, 64MM and 32MM cotton. The former is used to hand-washed cotton, the latter for machine washed cotton.

Typically in raw cotton his loose cotton to ensure loose cotton working correctly, there are sufficient number of loose cotton, cotton released fully meet good flexibility. If the cotton effect is not good, on cotton consumption will cause a lot of waste.

Rubber: (sub-PP, PE), diameter should be equal to or greater than 3MM, granule smooth evenly. Exports to Europe of PE products generally use are environmentally friendly, exports United States in addition to customer-specific requirements, use PP or PE,PP for lower prices. Specified, among guests, all export products capsules must be used within wrap.

Plastic parts: ready-made plastic parts, body cannot be changed, such as size, shape and size, you will need to mold, plastic mould cost your thousands of Yuan to tens of thousands of Yuan, depending on the die size process difficult, mould material choice may be, it is usually output below 300,000 for the production order, all extra fees.

(Color) print: includes color box, tags, stickers and so on, the price of color printing and are directly related to the number of orders, order small, printed a small number, easily lead to color, color uniformity, manufacturers of loss ratio increased, so the price must be higher.

Implement price prints to note include the film, of course, (print-proof), laminate finish (coating) and other fees, customer specified designs, best film and color version provided by the customer, and the color scale (the ratio of four-colour CMYK), so as to speed up the playing speed and accuracy.

Cloth tag, woven type: must be 21 pounds of pull, so now use a thick belt.

All kinds of color cotton tape, Ribbon, rubber, wire pass ropes classes: pay attention to distinguish between materials in different, impacts on product quality and cost.

Zipper Velcro, Velcro-type, category: Velcro note stuck to high colour fastness (especially in times of high functional use).