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Dec 23, 2016

A, a yarn (also known as common yarns, BOA), divided into:

Yarn: ordinary are shiny, light hair to different can be divided into male and female.

Matte yarns: the muted hues, almost no male and female.

Yarn b, v (also known as special yarns, T-590,Vonnel) shearing (Even Cut) and length of hair (Uneven cut), about hair in the 4-20mm range, which belongs to the mid-range.

C, and Hipile (Shanghai, hairy velvet): hair long in 20-120mm range within, 20-45mm range within can do any hair long, 45mm above is only 65mm and 120 (110) mm, is length hair, due to original yarn quality on Hipil effect is obviously, so we should requirements hair velvet factory to with Japan Mitsubishi level above of original yarn, hair to straight Shun, easily curling.

D, other:

Volume 1, plush (roller Tufts):

① Tumbling BOA, a yarn curls: most are particle-like wool, lambs wool or hair roots are fasciculate and above paper. Usually used to do more classical taste in toys, long hair up do 15mm; price style curl a lot cheaper.

② Tumbling H.P. style curl: usually long hair long, loosely curled effect, there are many styles to choose from.

2, super soft material: started using, the material is very soft; note that different yarn, the price will be different.

3, D.D.F: is H.P. kind of wiry, high-grade materials, usually blending.

E, plush printed materials including: 1, printing; 2, jacquard; 3, tippy dye (tip-dyed): (like mixing glasses open books); 4, variegated; 5, two-color (two tone).