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Other Common Fabrics
Dec 23, 2016

PU skin: is a kind of Polyester, not real leather leather. Note base cloth is different, the thickness of the fabric will be different.

Note: now all the toys may not use PVC materials, PVC contains excessive amounts of poisonous and deadly elements, so note to purchase materials cannot be PVC in nature. As a packaging material, all guests receive PVC material, does not accept that much attention.

Twill (Heavier T/C): cotton or t/c, thicker lines are clearly visible.

Fabric: measured by the number of texture; should be selected according to product quality and use.

Knitted fabric: according to weight the number of quality, cotton or t/c, the greater elasticity of the fabric.

Electronic plush: thin and bright, but not soft enough.

FLEECE (polar fleece): one side catch hair, double catch hair, soft to the touch, but greater flexibility.

Velvet: there are several grades, with electronic velvet soft is the difference, the price is relatively high.

Flocking (flocking Material): one-sided, double-sided, single-sided flocking cloth at the end of a different, different thickness and hardness, the price is different.

Satin (Satin): usually the sewing is not easy to do, too soft and easy to go yarn.

Wash cloth, knit fabric (Nylon Taffeta): fabric wrinkles, as can be washed on some products used, but I can't sew well).

Nylon fabric: lining: 170T nylon, very thin and cheap, you could consider within the bag lined with ordinary nylon fabric: 190T; thick nylon 210T; Oxford: 420T above.