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Inspection Standard
Dec 23, 2016

Each country has its own toy safety standards, the main international standard is ISO8124 toy safety standards, and the United States ASTMF963 the toy safety, EU EN71 toy safety, our standard of GB6675-2003, such as the national safety technical code for toys. Plush toys by children of all ages enjoy, due to its soft, newborn babies can also play, therefore more stringent than international standards. Among them, China GB6675 plush toy small parts requirements in more detail, such as a toy on the nose, eyes, buttons and other small parts should 90N pulling without loosening, or when baby bites, chew, dig out those little parts, injured the baby they are extremely easy to fall off. In addition, at the time of purchase to hand a squeeze toy, feel the texture, feel hard or block I was filling a number of poor-quality materials, such as metal fragments, nails, needles, broken glass is not safety items, baby play, likely to be injured, safety first.

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