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How To Check Quality Of Plush?
Dec 23, 2016

1, plush-density weight, feel and smooth (that is, never show the yarn very seriously, erect is lodging, this weight and plush finishing quality of influence);

2, soft effects influencing the quality of yarn and weaving quality;

3, high shearing quality of hair;

4, stain color accuracy effect;

5, large hairy side effect: effect of rough surface lash, ruffled, soft, there is no normal indentation, wavy lines, and other anomalies. These aspects can be used to judge the quality of.

Of course, have different requirements for different grades of products, we should judge hold acceptable scale, the safest approach is to make sure that the sheets, and then orders, by receipts.

Plush factory newly developed different styles every year in General, feel, wool, curled, rolled beam effects for toy factory designed a new style of new varieties, we should take the initiative to find out new kinds of property name specifications in order to make an accurate classification and apply.

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