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Dec 23, 2016

1, which is the first age group needs and depending on the different ages to purchase toys, the main considerations of security usability.

Soft materials carefully health 2, appearance, with high and low grades of raw materials Division, long and plush (dtex yarn, pusha) velvet, cloth and other napped wool-TIC, which is an important factor in determining a toy prices, some sellers is shoddy, thus deceiving consumers.

3. look plush doll fillings, which is another important factor to affect the price of toys. All good wadding is PP cotton, like the nine-hole core pillow-like material in the supermarket, feels nice and uniform. Wadding is black cotton with poor, feel bad and dirty.

4, solid fixing accessories (standard 90N) very angry km edge of thorns, the active part is too small to prevent children playing into the mouth, danger, with hair color or position raw materials is consistent, otherwise there will be a different color under the Sun, to the contrary, affect the appearance.

5, see whether the exterior appearance, right or left position is symmetric, backlogs by hand is soft and fluffy, solid stitching of all parts, kids toys, scratch, and incomplete.

6, see if a trademark, brand, safety signs, factory address, binding is solid.

7, view the inside of the packaging and logo is consistent, moisture resistance is good, inner packing bags, open size over a certain range must be open air holes to prevent suffocation children missed the head.

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