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Auxiliary Materials
Dec 23, 2016

(A) eyes: Plastic eyes, Crystal eyes, cartoon eyes, eye activity and so on.

(Ii) nose: plastic nose, flocking, nose, nose, nasal matte.

(C) Ribbon (Ribbon): specify color, few in number, or specifying style, note the quantity of your order.

(D) plastic bags: (PP bags United States products, cheaper European products must use PE bag; transparency in PE bag PP bag well enough, but PP bags are more likely to wrinkle and fragile), PVC only can be used as a packaging material (DEHP content must be limited to less than 3%/square. ), Heat shrinkable film for color box packaging, as a protective film.

(E) carton: (two)

Double cord A=B, A=C, B=B, and B=C, and C=C, three-cord, a three-b (backpack series by this category), unless the customer specifies, usually outside the box with A=B, small size of exports can be considered B=B or B=C outside the box. Set the carton front; should first select the real supplier, need to confirm boxes offered by sections of the paper, noted that each home may not be the same, choose real, should also pay attention to the quality of each batch of goods, prevent vendors from using inferior products posing as genuine, humid, rainy climate and other factors may also have adverse effects on paper.

Dan Leng B33,C33 usually do, such as boxes, or domestic shipping turn-around cartons, outer cord quality decided the cartons within the paper and stiffness.