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What is a soft toy?
Dec 23, 2016

Meet a Word ... called soft toy soft toy. everyone who is going to explain in detail what is called soft toy ...

Definition of plush toys

We usually say plush toys fact includes plush toys and soft toys categories, such as Teddy bears, plush toys is the most typical, typical of the doll is stuffed. Both toy design process is very similar to the difference lies mainly in the selection of fabrics, fabric plush toy is a plush class, doll cloths mainly ordinary cloth.

In General, the plush toy is a plush fabrics and other textiles, as the main fabric, packing all kinds of fillings made of toys, English name for (plsh toy), can also be called soft toys (soft toy) or stuffed toys (stuffed toy). In China's Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao, also known as "plush Doll".