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Dec 23, 2016

Toys, referring to items used to play, playing with his toys in human societies has often been as a way of entertaining.

Toys can also be a natural object of what is sand, stones, mud, twigs, not artificial things, toys should be understood more broadly, it is not limited to selling something for people to play on the street, who can play, see, hear and touch things, can be called toys.

Toys for children, more suitable for young and old people. It is the sunroof open wisdom tools, make people clever.

Toy play

Dolls houses, furniture, cooking utensils, all kinds of transport, hospital equipment, such as toys, role playing game available for the baby. Role games, baby primarily use language to show the game's plot and, thus, can promote the development of baby language ability. For example, the "pretend" games, let your baby imitating mother, while putting the baby to sleep, a little doll baby. Each plot and changes in the game, you can let your baby imitating "mother" 's language and action, this method is much better than hard to teach your baby to imitate.