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Purchase knowledge of details
Dec 23, 2016

Toy eyes

High quality plush doll eyes so bright and so deep, so God, I feel able to communicate and they. Cheap toy eyes are dark coarse, dull, not God, and even some toys, bubbles inside the eye.

Toys of nose and mouth

In the plush doll, animal nose, wrapping, useful line hand-stitched, and is made of plastic. Good nose is with the finest of leathers or fine leather production, and made out of nose, plump and exquisite. Bad rough leathery nose filled with plump enough. Made out of line the nose pad and pad, silk, wool and cotton. Seams good workmanship is very fine nose, neat. But there are many small workshop-style small factory, workers have no formal training working is bad. Advantages and disadvantages of plastic noses. Watching them work and tools for good and bad. Because molds directly affects the quality of the nose to the good and bad.

Palms, soles of materials

Palms, soles of materials is also very good, at the time of purchase to pay special attention to its sewing techniques, meaning it's work fine, palms, foot material compatibility with the main mix.

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