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Plush toys skillfully cleaned super easy life tips
Dec 23, 2016

1, without water, plush toy smart cleaner

Method: half a bowl of large grain of salt (coarse salt, supermarket sale 2 a bag) and dirty stuffed into a plastic bag, shake dozens of times. When removing salt has become to black due to adsorption dirt.

Advantages: avoids Toys Plush tie is due to washing. While salt also has a disinfecting effect. Is a convenient way.

Principle: the use of positive and negative ions of sodium chloride salt on adsorption of dirt.

By analogy: this method can also be used to clean cotton wool collar and plush cushion in such small things.

2, egg-yolk skillfully separated

Method: beat the eggs into the bowl, use an empty drink bottles can be easily reached on the yolk gently drawn separating egg yolk.

Pros: clean and efficient than the traditional method, if no egg yolks, cover lid of the bottle and placed directly into the refrigerator.

3, smart Tan thick blankets

Methods: the blanket diagonally drying on the Clothesline, can greatly shorten the time needed to dry.