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Plush doll stuffed good
Dec 23, 2016

Now market Shang of hair velvet toy except black cotton General used PP cotton, commonly known as: public Tsai cotton, and fill cotton, and hollow cotton, also said fill cotton, material for regeneration polyester short fiber, main has general fiber and hollow two species, the products has back elastic good, feel cool sliding, and price lower, and warm sex good, widely application Yu toy fill, and clothing, and bedding and spewing industry.

PP cotton, are made of polypropylene for man-made fibres, polypropylene (PP), cotton, elastic, leavening the strong, handsome in appearance, not afraid of squeezing, washable, quick drying. Apply to clothing factory, toys factory, spraying-bonded wadding, non-woven fabric and other manufacturers. It has the advantage of easy cleaning.