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New plush toys gifts orphans
Dec 23, 2016

Let the air out "cute bear" turned into a storage bag – newspaper earlier reported "Yangzhou a corporate invention inflatable toy" one thing has made new progress. Wave-particle film and TV culture of Yangzhou, General Manager Zhu Wanxiang, said early after careful preparation, the company production lines have been completed and put into operation, the first "IMIN multifunctional green plush toy" has been offline, and hot in the Beijing market.

In order to repay the society, let the children play with plush toys at the same time, experience the concept of environmental health. Wave-particle company decided to join hands with this, orphanages and a number of kindergartens to Yangzhou presented "IMIN multifunctional green plush toys".

Traditional hair velvet toy volume big, and heavy, and not convenient folding carry, filling cotton hair velvet toy easy breeding mites bacteria, and not conducive to cleaning, very easy left health security hidden, and children are often will hold with hair velvet toy sleep, also will took hair velvet toy bite with play, is has may produced such as respiratory infection, disease, serious of also will caused bronchial spasm, and cough even asthma,, part child will appeared eczema, skin allergy phenomenon, similar of security problem is endlessly.

After three years of market research and child interaction, wave-particle film and TV culture of Yangzhou co developed a multifunctional green plush toys, the now traditional plush toys are a big improvement.