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Corporate incarnation of love Santa Claus to the orphanage children green toys
Dec 23, 2016

On December 20, at Christmas, incarnation enterprises in Yangzhou "Santa Claus" came to the orphanage, Yangzhou city, to send there children on the "special gift"--IMIN multi-function green plush toy, let the children play with plush toys at the same time, experience the concept of environmental health.

First saw this new environmentally friendly toys, orphanage kids feel strange, some children can't wait to play with the new toy. Orphanage staff members fearing the children excited about using "primitive" becomes "King of destruction" have stepped forward to prevent excessive child with toy "intimate contact". It is understood that these traditional toys plush toys soft, fluffy, the characteristics of sprouting, while changing the traditional structure of plush toys, bid farewell to the normal fill, there's no filler, is filled with air.

"Hair velvet outer cleaning is convenient can directly put washing machine wash, even within bile was prick also without worried, as long as with rates supplement Shang so can Dang swimming circle with," Yangzhou wave particles television culture spread limited related head said, IMIN multifunctional hair velvet toy will health environmental put in first, with has reached Europe standard environmental PVC standard of within bile Dang fill real and has inflatable function, has health environmental new structure, can free combination match, save space can storage, easy cleaning good carry, Amphibious six advantages such as good companions features. Realize the humanization of toys combine fun and practical unity, and has international patents.